Soothing Summer Ep # 1 - Fashion Walk: Where Sustainability Meets Style

Thane, Maharashtra: Magical Charmant Event Management, under the adept leadership of certified Wedding and Event Planner Mrs. Samrruddhi Vijay Patil, is proud to announce the inaugural edition of "Soothing Summer Ep # 1 - Fashion Walk." This event marks a significant stride towards promoting sustainable fashion while exuding elegance and style. Scheduled for May 4, 2024, with festivities commencing at evening, the captivating event will unfold at the trendy Mojito Cafe & Bar, located at Ovala Naka, Ghodbunder Road, Thane.

A Celebration of Sustainable Fashion:
Soothing Summer Ep # 1 - Fashion Walk is not just a fashion event; it is a testament to the power of conscious consumerism. The event is dedicated to showcasing a stunning collection of garments, accessories, and jewelry meticulously crafted from recycled fabrics, with a primary focus on materials such as cotton and linen. By embracing sustainable practices, the event aims to inspire individuals to make environmentally responsible choices without compromising on style or elegance.

Distinguished Chief Guests:
The event will be graced by the presence of esteemed Chief Guests from various walks of life, each lending their support to the cause of sustainable fashion. Notable personalities include Mrs. Vasanti Gokani, celebrated artist; Mr. Abhishek Dixit, renowned celebrity manager; Mr. Harshal Rane, accomplished actor and casting director; and Mr. Noor Khan, esteemed Bollywood choreographer. Their participation underscores the growing importance of sustainability in the fashion industry.

A Showcase of Leading Brands:
Soothing Summer Ep # 1 - Fashion Walk is proud to feature an impressive lineup of leading brands committed to promoting eco-friendly fashion. Participating brands include Kamgar Saree Centre from Jambli Naka, Thane; Radnyee from Thane; Kalastra from Dombivli; Anita’s Collection from Thane; Chinmay’s Creations from Kalyan; and Swamitanaya from Thane. Each brand brings its unique flair to the event, showcasing the diversity and creativity inherent in sustainable fashion.

Supportive Partnerships:
The success of Soothing Summer Ep # 1 - Fashion Walk is made possible through the generous support of esteemed partners. Mojito Cafe & Bar serves as the esteemed Venue Partner, providing the perfect backdrop for the event's festivities. Lagu Bandhu joins as Co-sponsor, while Yuva Prabhav takes on the role of Print Media Partner, and Bits & Bytes as Social Media Partner and Food Partner- Prashant Corner. Additionally, Alkrush Institute of Fashion Designing- Co-sponsor , Asmi Foundation- Associate Partners, Tina’s Makeup-Hair Academy - Momento Partner, MGT - Uma Thakker,  Support Partner respectively.

A Memorable Experience:
In addition to the fashion showcase, attendees can look forward to a delightful array of gifts from esteemed Gifting Partners such as Kalishquaa, e-naturals, Royal Smart Collections, Vediclush, Shrau Creation, Art Harvest and Cosfly Cosmetics. The event promises to be an unforgettable experience, combining style, sustainability, and social responsibility in a single platform.

Elevating the Conversation:

"Soothing Summer Ep # 1 - Fashion Walk transcends the realm of traditional fashion events," remarked Mrs. Samrruddhi Vijay Patil. "It is an opportunity to ignite conversations, spark creativity, and inspire positive change. Through this event, we aim to redefine the narrative surrounding fashion, showcasing that sustainability is not just a trend but a fundamental aspect of responsible living."

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