New Wave of Snacking Hits India with Atlas Foods: A Balance of Taste, Quality, and Health

2nd May 2024, Delhi: Snack aisles across India are seeing a transformation as Atlas Foods, founded by Ishita Gupta, introduces a line of snacks that perfectly balances international flavors with health and taste.

Her research reveals that 87% of Indian consumers are looking for snacks that fit their busy lifestyles, while 73% are concerned about artificial additives in their food. Atlas Foods is responding to these demands with healthier, flavor-packed options with 100% baked Chips made out of Wheat & Dips with the finest ingredients.

Atlas Foods offers a unique selection of snacks that cater to health-conscious consumers without compromising on taste. Their product lineup includes distinctive flavors like Tzatziki from Greece, Alfredo Béchamel from Italy, and Datchi from Bhutan. These flavors not only promise quality but also offer a glimpse into the culinary traditions of different cultures.

The buzz and demand intensified when Bollywood star Deepika Padukone endorsed one of their Bhutanese Datchi flavor. Furthermore, the company recently secured a significant grant of INR 200,000 from Masters’ Union School of Business, with the funding round judged by notable investors such as Sequoia Capital, Alter Global, Indian Silicon Valley Capital, and incubators like Rebalance. This investment underscores the confidence that the business and investor community have in Atlas Foods' potential.

The response to Atlas Foods' products has been overwhelmingly positive, with items selling out within hours at their launch event in Gurugram's Cyberhub. Customers like Shaily Saluja who’s the Ex-VP of Licious says: “Honestly, I'm hooked to Datchi! and I particularly appreciate that they leave no residue on my fingers. The absence of artificial seasonings not only makes them healthier but also more convenient to snack on while working.”

Atlas Foods values direct feedback and engages with consumers at food festivals and online platforms. This interaction helps the company refine its flavors to meet the specific tastes and preferences of Indian consumers.

"At Atlas, our commitment goes beyond the shelf; we cherish the joy of genuine flavors and your complete satisfaction over profits. Here, every snack we craft is a promise to elevate your snacking experience," says Ishita Gupta, Founder of Atlas Foods, reflecting her dedication to enhancing how we snack.

Ishita Gupta is supported by a skilled team, including her brother Anshul Gupta, an IIM K alum, and Mayuresh Jadhav, who has led the expansion of a Silicon Valley startup in India. Their expertise is propelling Atlas Foods toward a leading position in the innovative snacking market.

Atlas Foods is a pioneering snack company in India, committed to introducing delicious, healthy, and convenient snack options. By combining high-quality ingredients with authentic global recipes, they set a new standard in snacking.

Atlas Foods invites everyone to try their globally inspired snacks and join a community that values taste, health, and quality. Follow their journey on social media.

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