Magcial Charmant Announces An Event"Soothing Summer Ep #1: A Celebration of Sustainable Fashion"

Thane, Maharashtra – [Date] – Magcial Charmant, a certified event management entity led by Mrs. Samrruddhi Vijay Patil (certified Wedding and Event Planner), proudly announces its unique summer event series, "Soothing Summer". This first episode, aptly titled "Fashion Walk," will be held on Saturday, May 4th, 2024, at 4:30 PM onwards at the Mojito Cafe & Bar, Ovala Naka, Ghodbunder Rd, Thane.

Soothing Summer Ep #1: Fashion Walk is a captivating showcase of summer fashion where cotton reigns supreme. Magcial Charmant aims to promote awareness about the benefits and elegance of utilising eco-friendly, recyclable fabrics like cotton and linen. The event will feature stunning outfits, jewellery, and accessories, all meticulously crafted from recycled fabrics.

Renowned Guests and Collaborations Enhance the Experience

The event boasts an impressive list of esteemed guests, including:

  • Mrs. Vasanti Gokani (Artist)

  • Mrs. Managla Karandikar (Ex-Principal & Commissioner for Scout & Guide)

  • Mr. Abhishek Dixit (Celebrity Manager)

  • Mr. Harshal Rane (Actor & Casting Director)

  • Mr. Noor Khan (Bollywood Choreographer)

Adding to the excitement, Magcial Charmant has partnered with several prominent brands, including:

  • Fashion Brands: Kamgar Saree Centre (Thane), Radnyeesis (Thane), Kalasatra (Dombivli), Anita's Collection (Thane), Chinmay's Creations (Kalyan), Swamitanaya (Thane)

  • Venue Partner: Mojito Cafe & Bar

  • Co-Sponsor: Lagu Bhandu

  • Print Media Partner: Yuva Prabhav

  • Social Media Partner: Bits & Bytes

  • Co-Sponsor: Alkrush Institute of Fashion Designing

  • Associate Partner: Asmi Foundation

  • Momento Partner: Tina's Makeup-Hair Academy

  • Support Partner: MGT- Uma Thakker

  • Gifting Partners: Kalishquaa, e-naturals, Royal Smart Collections, Vediclush, Sharu Creation, Art Harvest

Sustainable Style Takes Center Stage

Soothing Summer Ep #1: Fashion Walk is more than just a showcase of beautiful summer attire. It serves as a platform to advocate for sustainable fashion practices. By highlighting the potential and beauty of recycled fabrics, Magcial Charmant aims to inspire conscious fashion choices and promote environmental responsibility.

Unveiling a Serene Summer Soiree

The event promises a delightful afternoon filled with captivating fashion presentations, vibrant interactions, and a celebration of eco-conscious style. This pre-launch event paves the way for upcoming Soothing Summer episodes, each offering a unique summer experience.

About Magcial Charmant

Magcial Charmant, spearheaded by Mrs. Samrruddhi Vijay Patil, is a certified event management entity dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences. Their expertise lies in curating dream weddings, captivating events, and innovative concepts. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on sustainability, Magcial Charmant strives to leave a lasting and positive impact on the event landscape.

Stay Tuned for Further Details

For further information and updates on Soothing Summer Ep #1: Fashion Walk and upcoming episodes, please follow Magcial Charmant on their social media platforms.

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