Pilot Chef’s vision to open 100+ outlet in 2 years

Once upon a time in a Delhi Govt Boys School Friends , one of young boy named Satvir Singh He was bright, ambitious, and full of ideas. Despite coming from a middle-class family, Satvir Singh always dreamt big. His parents, hardworking individuals with modest means, instilled in him the values of diligence and perseverance.

From a young age, Satvir Singh after completion of study , Satvir got jobs in multiple companies but he not satisfied because his dream was big and dreaming of creating something that would change the world. His best friend, Akash Kumar shared his passion for innovation. Together, they spent countless afternoons brainstorming ideas  every day,

One day proposed Satvir Singh click an idea in his mind that 90% percents Indians have dream to travel by airplane and get flights experience because in India flights travelling quite expensive so he started a cafe with airplane concept with air hostess and service , interior like as is it like airplane to full fill Indians customers dream to have flights experience with very innovative foods with amazing taste ,They spent weeks refining their concept, conducting market research, and teaching themselves the necessary skills to bring their idea to life.

With their savings from summer jobs and a small loan from Akash kumar relatives they finally launched their Business concept , Pilot Chef’s into the world. Initially, the response was lukewarm, but Satvir Singh and Akash Kumar refused to give up. They tirelessly promoted their concept on social media, reached out to influencers, and attended local events to spread the word.

Slowly but surely, their hard work began to pay off. Customers who  took services and have burgers of pilot Chef’s praised cafe over all services ,Encouraged by their initial success, Satvir Singh and Akash worked day and night to improve their Pilot Chef’s Services to serve better experience to customers adding more services to give pilot chef’s customers food experience which touches customers soul.

Pilot Chef’s  gained traction, investors began to take notice. With their pitch decks in hand and passion in their hearts, Satvir Singh and Akash Kumar  pitched their startup to venture capitalists, highlighting their vision for the future of Cafe technology with very Unique cafe experience for customers . Despite facing numerous rejections, they remained undeterred, refining their pitch with each setback.

Finally, their perseverance paid off when they secured their first round of funding from a Akash kumar brother.

Years passed, and Pilot Chefs continued to thrive. Satvir Singh and Akash kumar once-small startup had grown into a multinational brand employing hundreds of people and full fill thousands of customers dream to have airplanes experience Despite their success, they remained grounded, never forgetting their humble beginnings .

Their journey from middle-class boys with a dream to successful entrepreneurs served as an inspiration to countless others. And as they looked back on their incredible journey, they knew that with determination, hard work, and a dash of creativity, anything was possible.

Pilot chefs vision to open 100+ outlet in 3 Countries to provide very amazing cafe experience to customers.  This Indian startup ready to touch 100 outlet milestone till September 2025 , Satvir Singh added.


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