New Study Compares Viable Treatment Options for Covid across all Medical Systems and Finds Ayurveda to Have the Best Result.

Peer reviewed research has just published that compares all the prevalent treatment methods for Covid that have published research in the last 4 years as per the WHO-Minimal common outcome measure set for COVID-19 clinical research. This study not only looked into fda and icmr approved allopathic conventional medicine methods of treating covid such as Faviravipir and Remdesivir it also looked into Ayurvedic, Siddha, Herbal, Homeopathic, African and Traditional Chinese Medicine methods of treating covid. It also looked into and compared the research done into HCQ  I(Hydroxychloroquine) and Ivermectin which have been popular for their off label use in covid. This published study is both relevant and timely as news of vaccine side effects has led some manufacturers like Astra Zeneca to take the vaccine of the market and hence the need for a safe and effective treatment has once again come into the spotlight. The world needs and will need a effective treatment protocol for covid and this research provides a clear cut plan of action for times when one is infected. 

This study both looks into individual randomized clinical trials and big data on covid. What it found was that cultures with a use of traditional medicine systems had lower mortality rate. It also found that natural medicine in general is more effective than pharmaceutical medicine in treating covid. One trial that stands out in particular is the WHO database approved trial of Reginmune and Immunofree. The combination of these two products has shown one of the best results globally as 88 percent of the moderate patients in the trial were negative day 5. Reginmune is a immunomodulator designed in Europe that contains various vitamins, minerals and Amino Acids. Immunofree is a ayurvedic remedy made in India that was designed specifically for covid. Its includes specific herbs that are meant to; dissolve viral membranes, break bonds covid makes with cells, create new bods, balance cellular immunity, dilate the lungs, fight inflammation and coagulation and stop cytokine storms. Makers of these products USA are now looking into conducting trials on immunofree reducing adverse effects of long covid and the adverse events of vaccines including blood clots.   This comparative study is hence a great guide for Doctors from all traditions who are interested in treating their patients with the best care possible. It is also in a sense a huge victory for those that have fought to restore respect for nature’s medicines. Furthermore it was also found that Ivermectin which is really popular today has limited research supporting it and efficacy less than the aforementioned natural medicines. 

This comparative research was done by established  Doctors and researchers Dr.  Supriya Bhalerao and Dr Vedvati Bhapkar at Bharati Vidyapeeth and Padmashree Dr D.Y. Patil University and has published in the International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine. It has since been reprinted in numerous journals and Research portals.

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