"Taste the Magic: Rajveer Singh Presents GIBF With AAMSUTRA, an Unforgettable Culinary Affair at Goldfinch Hotel Mumbai!"

Mumbai, 23rd April: The Goldfinch Hotel Mumbai's MIDC, Andheri East, shimmered with the glow of a star-studded evening as it played host to the Great Indian Buffet Festival with AAMSUTRA. The event, held at the Banjara Restaurant within the luxurious confines of the hotel, was a celebration of culinary excellence, creative energy, and entrepreneurial spirit.

The soirée attracted a constellation of luminaries from various fields, including entrepreneurs, celebrities, and prominent influencers, who added an unparalleled charm to the festivities. Among the esteemed guests was ace journalist and prominent influencer Rajveer Singh, whose presence elevated the event to new heights.

Preetie Joshi, renowned hospitality wizard, graced the occasion with her enchanting presence, while Harmeet Singh Gupta, director of U and I Entertainments, showcased his entrepreneurial prowess. Legal advice expert Advocate Amit Sharma added a touch of wisdom to the gathering, alongside a lineup of esteemed guests including Shubam Pancheshwar, CEO of Happen Recently Media, Vibha Narshana, CEO of Partra Events, Juveria Nusrat, CEO of Mistique Events, and Ace Photographer Roshan Kamble. Additionally, the event was attended by Irfan Shaukat, Tasneem Shaikh, Rajdev Singh, Chef Juliano Rodrigues, Nitika Gupta, Randeep Gujral, Priyanka Ajgaonkar, Ayesha Mohta, Neha Sanghavi, Guneet Sharma, Sonny Kaur, Roopam Lakhanpal, Kashifah Shaikh, Monish Talwar, Amar Kotekar, and many more celebrity influencers and entrepreneurs.

The evening unfolded with a sumptuous feast at the "GIBF with AAMSUTRA," featuring over 100 dishes curated by Executive Chef Mr. Sushant Biswas. From vibrant live counters to delectable mango desserts, each dish showcased the rich heritage of Indian cuisine with passion and finesse.

Guests were treated to live music and the excitement of watching an IPL match on screen, creating an atmosphere of celebration and camaraderie. The impeccable service of the Goldfinch Hotel team, led by Restaurant Manager Mr. Vijay Gupta, ensured that every moment was filled with warmth and hospitality.

Insightful conversations flourished between journalists, influencers, and the esteemed GM Mr. Subhadeep Dutta and F&B Manager Mr. Shailesh Salunkhe, fostering a sense of community and connection.

As the night concluded, guests departed with hearts full of gratitude, eagerly anticipating the next unforgettable celebration at Banjara Restaurant, Goldfinch Hotel Mumbai.

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